Proficient Bedroom Refitting

Don't delay, call us today for a fuss-free bedroom refit. At M.T. Lambert Decorators, we offer an extensive range of solutions for bedroom renovations. Our usual process involves stripping the existing room and working together with our trusted suppliers to:

Fit new furniture

Install carpeting or flooring

Interiors Options


Gary Monk's user-friendly website offers a host of outstanding interior decor options from long-time business associates. Find items that match your existing decorating scheme or browse for some inspiration. Gary's got it all, including:


Wall coverings

Custom curtains

Soft furnishings

Quality furniture

Derbyshire Carpet & Flooring


Check out the Derbyshire Carpet & Flooring Company for a huge selection of top-notch options for your residence. Trust in James Steadman's reputation as a supplier of superior floor coverings, such as:


Tile flooring

Wood flooring

Wool carpets

Complementary Services



Sit back and relax as we take care of everything during your home refurbishment process. Along with the above suppliers, M.T. Lambert Decorators also frequently work with the following tradesmen to provide an all-round service:



Local joiners